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From messing around in his notes, to performing his own songs! 


Hailing from Birmingham, 22 year old Josh Schlitter is an up and coming artist, capable of performing at a high level on any BPM. He has been making music for 5 years, perfecting his craft, learning more about himself and opening up his mind! His debut single "Facts" was just a warm up of what's to come!! 


He takes inspiration from people who do not conform to the norm. The likes of House of Pharaohs, JME, Yung Fume and Lancey Foux to name a few. He understands his purpose is to share his gifts through artistic creativity in the form of music. The success of this cannot be measured, but you will go away from experiencing his work of art changed in some unspeakable way. His new music will be unlike anyone else's as he takes pride in being unique/different. He knows he has got something special going on, and it won't be long till you know it too!


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