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Credit - Gabe Harding x Josh Schlitter

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Directed by Josh Schlitter & Gabe Harding 

Edited by Alifeoflayth

Filmed by Josh Schlitter & Gabe Harding

Written & Performed by Josh Schlitter & Gabe Harding



Everybody wants what they can’t have 

But don’t want it when they get it 

I’ll write my views like its Reddit 

Go send a text I ent read it

Overlooking the fams a no I’m 

Talking bout how I spread it

Now I start to get rated 

But I ent looking for credit

Gabe's Verse



Never been one for the limelight 

But I’m gonna rise up when the times right 

I’m a king wiv a heart I’m a diamond too

And I’m top of the card like fight

Wanna girl wid a bite bite 

But im never in her bed saying night night 

I was born for the stage and I said that too 

She thought that I need to get my mind right

Maybe I did back den 

Everybody wanna big back den 

Go 8 miles and I dig dat then 

Ent been for a while but I dig dat trend

I’m just clocking my timing 

You dont clock what you put your time in

All this drinking and whining 

Now you’re drinking a whining

At home wiv your wine in hand 

Post on gram, now we’re smiling 

See that I’m getting it planned 

Soon gonna land, Now who’s sliding

Gonna say it’s easy work but it’s hard 

If you’re never gonna time in 

Too many people caring about the likes followers or lighting 


Repeat X2


Josh's Verse 

Everybody wants what they can’t have but don’t want it when they got that

You cross the line you best hop back

If you come to mine you best top that

9-5 I said fuck that 

I dont pay no mind to your petty lies I just exercise I run tracks with Gabe

Move from my side you are not my bae 


Move from my side you are not my slime 

Took a break man I took my time 

I had wait till it all aligned 

Put in work everyday and night 

I’m doing more then just Rhyming

The universe it keeps showing me signs 

Now there’s no deal that I’m signing 

Yo what’s the deal with your likes and lighting tryna boost your man self esteem 

We got the juice, orange soda, kennan and kel, baby keem

They think that I’m wavy cus I get streams 

I knew I was lit before I was a teen 

I spit and I shell it you man are pathetic I gotta get it and that by any means 

And I’m going by enemies 

Baby girl what you telling me 

I got the remedy

Now all the time she keep belling me

I think baby girl fuck with my energy 

I think baby girl fuck with my aura 

The bad vibes in the past had to let it go 

She come big at the back like Atletico 

Do my ting but I don’t need no credit bro 



Terminado :)

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