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Facts - Josh Schlitter

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Directed by Josh Schlitter & Think Film

Edited and Filmed by Think Film

Written & Performed by Josh Schlitter

Produced by FEWTILE





No lies 

Are told 

Too many people running back cus they are not are involved 

They see the big moves 

They say my bars are cold 

This only happened cus I started moving cold 

Now I’m earning 

That’s yet to be determined 

But I’m grabbing the mic and people listen like a sermon

And now they see I’m German whipping 

Hit the woah 

Tell me all you plans where you wanna go 



Verse 1

Build a future 

For all the mandem that’s left 

You claim an empire I’m the only one that Aztec 

See everybodys mad max 

Yet I’m the one that’s mad vex 

Like how’s he signed to virgin 

Yet I’m the one that’s had sex 

Wait that’s not how it works

From day I been a worker 

I always did my shift 

You got cover like a burka 

Like fifa 17 its all the bout journey 

That’s why I only play the long game like I’m Burnley 

See I wanna make money, what you doing it for free for 

You say it’s for love, that’s your principal, but ya tryna see more (Seymour)

I ain’t found the love of my life

make a note

Cus girls treat the block like it’s Europe taking d tours  

Passed round like a zoot

But she pattered up the food 

She said she going home bet she ends up in the booth uhhh 

So many styles I don’t know which one I suit best 

Like I can do playboy ting ain’t talking hugh heff 


Wa Wa Wa Bih 


Im anti social but everybody follows meh 

See I’d be lying if I wasn’t being honest 

Like the Greek freek giannis MVPs what I wanna be 

Like Greek mythology 

Take out the ology your just a myth 

I don’t wanna beat just honour me on ya knees 

I remember back then I watch olajide 

I used be a sideman, beta 

Now I cannot be fazed 



Verse 2

I’m stuck in a cycle 

That why she’s been ignored 

She said she cut em off

But that just means them men are paused (menopause)

I got my motivation 

I do it for a cause (kors)

You do it for a Michael 

It tryna perform like George 

And I’m just starting uni 

I wake up Early 

But even though I’m only up for 9 

I’m thinking bout winning me 10 awards 

I Look at my shelf 

Look at myself then I applaud 

Giving my thanks saying a pray praising the lord 

I’m an engineer 

Mix and master movements like a sensei 

Good with the head 

Big at the back 

Just like kimpembe when defending 

Is what I need 

See I’d ride for my team 

Gang looking like the last scene in endgame 

I don’t wanna send shade bout anybody’s pen game but you can’t reach my level 

I’ve been doing this for bout 1 year, and I battled with mental health That’s the thing that’s mental 


Fertig :)

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