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         Landmine - Josh Schlitter 


Directed by Josh Schlitter & Oliver Payne

Filmed by Oliver Payne

Edited by Oliver Payne

Written by Josh Schlitter

Performed by Josh Schlitter & Gabe Harding



I’ve been writing down all my dreams cus someone talks to me in my sleep 

Telling me that I’m bout to blow 

Your at home just blowing on weed 

You neek 

She love me cus no I’m unique 

You get high 

I feel fly like I got Jordan’s up on my feet 

Now you’re gonna get aired

If you always talk about hang time 

She only wanna blow cus ima blow just like a landmine 

So you better watch where you step aye 

Better watch what you say 

If I had a better watch would you stay 

But more time I don’t need no bae 

I’m doing okay aye 



Look I’m doing okay I’m doing alright 

Especially when I grab onto the mic 

Call me shit nah I don’t mind 

But bestie nah that’s never gon slide 

Never gone work 

How you gonna blow if you never gone work 

You’ll never improve if you’re never gonna learn or make mistakes 

Man I do that on a day to day 


I know that I’m gonna get paid 

It’s whether or not I can make it rain 

I don’t need weed for creative space 

I just need brain and some 808s 

I don’t talk bout all the things I face

I’ll never talk bad bout the tings I date 

I don’t ever talk bout drippin in sauce  

I got that covered 

Ha I’m the base


All she know is to win 

But v card she wan lose to me 

Now she coming over grabbing my shoulder telling me want she wan do to me 

Hitting my line when she feel alone 

Fill her with lovin and unity 

I’m all about the big picture, Ramadan iftar bro we’re due to eat 


The dream is all that we talk bout 

If I ain’t busy I’ll go yours 

But if I get bored ima walkout 

I’m not tryna be rude allow me 

I’m just very precious with my time 

I’m never at home she thinking bout me 

I’m rent free in her mind 






Yo I’m doing okay my guy 

We might be cool but you ain’t my guy 

Back in school man I weren’t that guy 

Now the man from school are like look at that guy 

I never try fit in 

I’m doing my ting 

And now they’re feeling my vibe 

She want me to box it up 

Just gimme a ring Dillian Whyte 

I’m just tryna have a good time 

I don’t need my views on a million 

She brilliant


Skill full 


I’m fresh like a prince William 

I’m soon gonna blow imminent 

Bad gyal but she look so innocent work real hard but you do bare minimum bro 

Like no

You man don’t do more than me 

Ima get to the point where you say you want a bag and I order three 

Cus I got this in the bag 

Nah I ain’t dropping the ball

Getting to the top is inevitable 


Cus I’m in my element oouuu x3


Fini :) 

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